TrustedPassage Video Describes Why You Need a New Approach to Remote Access

For the last 20 years, remote access to enterprise applications came through virtual private networks (VPN). But in this mobile first, cloud-based era, the old school VPN solutions no longer work and leave enterprises open to unnecessary risk. Companies like Google and Lyft agree. (Click here to learn more).

That’s why we built TrustedPassage… to help you compete!

Our technology is based on the SDP (Software Defined Perimeter) spec, which is a security architecture, originated at the Defense Information System Agency, and is now being driven by the Cloud Security Alliance, designed to provide on-demand, dynamically provisioned, perimeter capabilities that enables companies to have complete control over who gets access to what resources and applications over their entire extended enterprise network.

I encourage you to watch the short video below. It outlines an entirely new approach to application security. TrustedPassage is a Security as a Service solution that enables secure, anytime, anywhere, and any device connectivity to your to all of your business critical apps, regardless of how those apps are deployed.

Watch to learn about:

  • The limitations and drawbacks of old school access solutions.
  • Key issues accelerating the adoption of new secure remote solutions.
  • How the TrustedPassage solution and the Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) approach offers mobile, cloud-based companies a better way to provide secure access to your apps


Marcelo Manjon

Marcelo is the COO and cofounder of TrustedPassage where he heads up business development, product marketing and execution of the company.

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New Ponemon Study Reveals That Organizations Still Give Employees More Access Than They Need.

A new study conducted by Ponemon showed that organizations still give employees more access than they need. According to the study, IT practitioners report that 71% of organizations do not enforce a least-privilege model of access control and have experienced the loss or theft of company data over the past two years, a number rising since 2014.



To view the infographic and related stats, click here.

About the survey: Ponemon Institute surveyed over 3000 Enterprise IT professionals in European and US organizations in 2016.

Puneet Thapliyal

Puneet is the CEO and cofounder of TrustedPassage where he heads up overall strategy, direction and product management.

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